The functions of HA in cosmetics
◎ Protect skin and keep water in the skin
◎ Repair and prevent against the injured skin
◎ Retard skin aging and nutrition skin
◎ Maintain skin good moisture and lubrication
◎ Thicken and stabilize emulsification
HA with different Molecular Weight applied in cosmetics
As a ‘natural moisturizing factor ’, HA can be applied to many cosmetics products, such as cream, emulsion, astringent, serum, facial mask, etc. HA in cosmetics have different functions according to its different dosage and molecular weight
HA with different M.W Recommended M.W Range Efficiency
High M.W ≥2.0x106 High water retention,promote the regeneration  of the cell tissue.
Ordinary M.W (0.80~1.80)×106 Keep skin moisture and lubrication  for a long time.
Low M.W 8,000~50,000 easily absorbed by skin, increase  skin nutrition
Recommended dosage: 0.05%-0.5% (subject to solid HA)
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