1. Dissolution:
HA has good compatibility and inter-miscibility. The higher molecular weight and concentration, the slower the dissolution velocity will be. In order to increase the speed of dissolution, it is recommended that HA powder be put into water (60~80℃) with stirring to make 0.5~1.0% solution. Please note that you should put HA powder into water slowly under the high stirring speed. HA will be completely dissolved after 20-60 minutes. In order to save the time of dissolution, during the manufacturing process, we can put HA directly into water phase homogeneous by heat. Also put some Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and 1.3 Butanediol into HA and stir the solution. The HA powder will be completely dissolved after fully stirring and heating.
.HA shall be dissolved in sterilized distilled or pure water to assure its transparency. .HA is a high nutritious substance and easy to be contaminated. Once dissolved, it should be used up. If there is some solution left, put some antiseptic in it and store it at low temperature for a shorter time.
.HA is polyanion and has large amount of negative charge. So HA shall not be used together with cation emulgator or antiseptic at the same time. Failure to do so shall result in muddiness or sedimentation. .HA hold the high moisture absorption, so store it in the dry place and keep it between 2~8℃ in case of storage for a long time.
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